. Thursday, December 7, 2017 .
A beautiful late November sunrise from our back patio in Colorado.

Lately I have been rising early around 6 am to start cleaning by 6:30 am. I enjoy the solitude, the stillness, the beauty in the silence and the time to check off items on my to-do list. It is really special to be able to watch the gorgeous sun rise about the trees and pronounce itself in hues of the rainbow. This is something I would have never done before. Being a first time mother, it is challenging trying to clean and get things done around the house. I'm never able to accomplish as much as I wish I could, and often I need my husband to watch our daughter as I work on tasks. This isn't always possible as my husband has been doing other projects on our home that need to be done or making our kitties' food from scratch (they eat a raw meat diet and it takes time to make their food in bulk). I truly appreciate every moment of this time being an early bird.

Waking before the sun has risen is a way for me to feel more balanced and productive in my life. I turn on the timer for 30 minutes in the kitchen and I get to work. I do this for an hour to an hour and a half sometimes two hours. I don't even make coffee or tea, I just get to cleaning the kitchen, tidying, vacuuming, whatever needs to be done. I enjoy this time because it is uninterrupted, where my husband and our baby girl are still sound asleep. It makes me feel very productive and motivated to kick start the day. I also feel good knowing I am helping my family by keeping our household tidy and providing a serene environment to live in, this all means good feng shui that translates to good energy in our home and our lives.

I think I like being an early bird. Now I haven't done this every day, but I want to make it a goal to do it as often as needed. Bottom line though is I probably won't wbe an early bird seven days a week because sometimes it is good to get a littler more rest, but so far I like this new act of rising before the sun and it has had positive effects on my family and I.

What about you, are you a early bird or early riser?

. Wednesday, December 6, 2017 .

Gift giving this time of year is really a fun thing for me. I love pinpointing the perfect gift for everyone on my list. It is funny what they say about Libras, how they will shop to give gifts to others but also buy things for themselves, sometimes the same items they purchase for others, one for you, one for me, lol. With so many beautiful gifts out there, who could blame us? Though I have to restrain myself from gifting items to myself, haha. We gifted the prettiest carved wood white washed photo frames to my sister and brother in law a few years ago and I about kept them for myself, they were to pretty to part with, but I sent them and I'm glad my sister still loves them to this day.

Above is my Christmas wishlist. I feel so grateful for everything in my life and all of my blessings, my family, my husband, our daughter, my health, our home, the food on our table, family, etc. Christmas is about spending quality time with loved ones, enjoying the season, gratitude and generosity and of course an added bonus is the giving and receiving of thoughtful gifts. Below are the gifts that are on my wish list, items that I truly love and would cherish for many years to come.

O N E - Global Citizen Bag (I took a class in college called Global Citizen, haha)

I love colorful purses and bags and now that I'm a mother I need a large sized one to fit all of Mila's diaper bag contents. I use a large leather tote bag everyday so it would be awesome to switch it up with this lovely bag. This bag is stunning. One side of the bag is covered with intricate bright beads in a unique pattern, I love it!

T W O - Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide: 33 Herbs to Know, Grow and Use

I love herbalism and look forward to planting many herbs, vegetables and fruit in our garden this coming spring and summer. I'm excited to read this book to prepare for planning our future garden. In Utah we had a huge garden one year and some of my favorites that we planted were chamomile, sage and thyme. I'm excited to learn how to use various herbs in a number of healing ways!

T H R E E - Marquise Labradorite Ring

If I had to choose between any type of jewelry to wear it would be rings. Rings are my very favorite thing to wear. I love the shape and color of this pretty gemstone ring. Gemstone rings are really the only rings I wear, I love the spiritual meaning of each gemstone and its metaphysical qualities. I don't own a Labradorite ring so this would be amazing.

F O U R - Zodiac Mug

Astrology is one of my greatest passions and I don't even own a zodiac coffee mug! I drink coffee and tea on a daily basis, so I need this lovely zodiac mug in my life.

F I V E - Black Floral Embroidered Gloves

My favorite type of gloves  are fingerless gloves. I also love all things embroidered, flowers and neutral colors that match everything. These gloves are all these things combined.

What about you? What is on your Christmas wish list? I'd love to know!

. Monday, December 4, 2017 .

Christmas is around the corner and I am getting so excited! Having a little one makes me more into the holidays then ever before. I want to always create a fun and festive home for our daughter and future children during the holiday seasons. We haven't put up our tree yet because we are spending some time traveling at the end of the week. Since we have five cats, we don't want to risk leaving them home with a real tree and having the tree fall down, ornaments break, our kitties being potentially hurt, you get the picture, it could be disastrous so we want to avoid that.

Once we get back from our trip in December in a few weeks, then we can go buy a real fir Christmas tree and string it with twinkling lights and pretty ornaments. Until then I will have to patently wait till our tree comes up and most likely it will be up into the New Year haha.

For now I have other Christmas decorations placed throughout the house and we even have the lights up on the outside of our house. They look beautiful! I can't wait to share a post on that.

I have very little Christmas decorations. Most of them have been kindly given to me by Mom (thanks Mom!). Slowly through the years it is my goal to build up a collection of decorations by adding a few items each year. This year I have picked out nine new ornaments that I really love!

From a spiritual perspective, I do believe in angels. I ordered these ceramic handmade gold angel ornaments from Novica. I love that Novica sells fair trade items that help the workers who made them. These angels were created in India. Isn't the packaging pretty! I love the pink tissue they are placed on.

I found this cute little deer, blue jay, and fox, at Hobby Lobby. I love how they are embroidered with sequins on them! They had them for 50% off so I got all three for $9. The gold buck and squirrel I got from World Market, during Black Friday, they were buy one get one free! (They sell them online here in a set of four. Now I want the other two part of the collection, the bear and fox.) I could have gone crazy getting tons of ornaments since they are so many beautiful ornaments out there, but I want to be intentional and build up our decorations over time.

I had to get the cute fox, seeing as Mila has been having her monthly photos with her fox stuffed animal it seems fitting to have a fox ornament. I also just really love all animals. Our Christmas ornaments will mainly be animals since they have a special place in our hearts and our lives.

The little squirrel ornament reminds me of all of the squirrels that live in our backyard. The buck and deer remind me of all of the buck and deer that would hang out in our yard in Utah. They would hang out in our yard for days, we would even put out water for them. The blue jay is a new bird that we have just seen since moving to our new home in Colorado.

I absolutely love our new ornaments and look forward to them being hung up on our Christmas tree! I find myself being drawn to gold ornaments. Maybe it is because my Moon is in Leo in astrology and Leos love gold and regal things? Either way I think that will be a theme for years to come. I also love glitter and sparkle ornaments.

What about you? Have you purchased any new ornaments this year? I would love to see them!

. Sunday, December 3, 2017 .

It has been about a decade since I've worn perfume. I love beautiful smells but aside from lotion, shampoo and conditioner, no scents adorn me. When I discovered that most perfume is just synthetic chemicals, many which are harmful I stopped wearing perfume. Over the years I've ordered natural brands but I never found one that I truly loved, until now.

Ayurveda is an Indian health system that categorizes health types by doshas. Each dosha has a different constitution. The three dosha types are, Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

For example Vata types get cold very easily and crave warm food. Pittas on the other hand are always warm and enjoy cold food. I recommend taking this quiz to find out what dosha type you are. I took the quiz and I am a Vata-Pitta type. Everyone has a combination of doshas with one being the most dominant.

The Ayurvedic Year by Christina Brown is a wonderful book that guides you through the right types of food, massage, yoga, etc for each dosha type if you would like to learn more about Ayurveda.

I got all three perfumes to find the perfect one. It is no surprise that my favorite perfume oil is Vata, which is my dominant dosha type. This perfume smells SO good! I love the scent! With one word I would describe it as 'sweet'. It has a lovely sweet scent with some spice. The perfume oil consists of essential oils such as bergamot and vanilla.

I love the simple and minimalist packaging!

The Pitta perfume oil has a masculine earthy scent.

The Kapha perfume oil has a nice uplifting scent with ginger and rosemary oils among others.

The Vata perfume oil has rose petals and the Pitta perfume oil has lavender petals in it.

I love the description of each perfume on the back. 

So if you are in the market for some beautiful natural perfume oil, I recommend these Yoke Trade Ayurveda Apothecary perfume oils! There ingredients are all natural with essential oils, among other oils like coconut and safflower seed oil.

You can find their perfume oils here.

Have you ever looked into Ayurveda, if so what is your dosha type?

. Thursday, November 30, 2017 .

This year was the first year that Thomas and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Every year since we've been together, the past 8 years we've spent Thanksgiving day with family. This has been awesome, but it was pretty special to be able to cook all the food and host our own Thanksgiving this year! Now that we are homeowners and live in the same state as our families it was fun to decorate and host and I look forward to all the fun hosting we will be doing in our home for years to come. My favorite part was decorating the table! Here was our Thanksgiving tablescape...

. Sunday, November 5, 2017 .

As we are in the thick of Autumn, cold season seems to come around. I think it has to do with people being stressed in anticipation for the holidays around the corner and everything that needs to be done before then, that people catch viruses. Unfortunately we were some of those people. This weekend we have been fighting a cold and still are. In our case I think we got sick because Thomas and I have been trying to get a lot of little things done around the house which kind of has been overwhelming.

I believe in natural medicine and using plants to medicate versus synthetic over the counter drugs. "Plants are the people's medicine" as the herbalist Susun Weed says and I really agree with this. They are so many health benefits that can be found in plants and herbs. I have a library of books, including many on natural medicine. I browsed through my books and in Natural Remedies by Reader's Digest I came across a recipe for a cold remedy decoction to help with the symptoms of having a cold.

. Saturday, November 4, 2017 .

Mila 9 months old clapping.

Mila has been nine months since October 10th. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe it! She still has six teeth and she is getting stronger in standing and walking. She still needs assistance in walking whether our hands or the furniture but she really is getting good at it. She will be walking before we know it.

. Wednesday, October 25, 2017 .

Thomas and I have been together for eight years and we've never carved pumpkins before, until now! We've bought pumpkins and one year we even grew a bunch from seed in our garden in Utah but I guess we just never got around to carving them. Since we are now parents I really want to start embracing the seasons and holidays by doing fun holiday stuff like carving pumpkins in Autumn. Carving pumpkins definitely brought back childhood memories as this was something we always did growing up.

I'm not into the dark decorations of Halloween expressed through ghosts, devils, blood, skulls, etc. Day of the Dead on the other hand does use skulls but it is a celebration of remembrance in honor of a person's life that has passed away. Rather I enjoy the celebration of a season, the harvest, pumpkins, falling leaves, pumpkin pie, and all the positive and cheerful aspects of the season like warm teas. My mom always had decorations up for all of the seasons and I want to make it a point to be festive and do the same for Mila and our future children, you just won't find skulls or dark imagery on our front porch ever. :)

. Sunday, October 22, 2017 .

To celebrate my birthday we decided to take a family trip to Taos, New Mexico. We had the most amazing experience hiking with llamas in the mountains! Trekking with llamas was a once in a lifetime experience! I mean how many people get this kind of opportunity to spend the day hiking with llamas in the mountains? Our experience was so unique, fun and whimsical! Llamas are so cute and to have our very own llama hiking buddy was pure joy! We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and it is definitely a memorable experience we will never forget!

Just to warn you this post contains tons of photos. I couldn't help myself, I had the camera around my neck and snapped away, but it was totally worth it to remember this special experience. :)

. Wednesday, October 18, 2017 .
Everywhere I go I see Halloween costumes for sale which reminds me that dress up season is upon us. In hopes of being environmentally friendly and to save money I have checked the thrift stores a few times to find a cute costume for Mila to wear this year. I did find and buy a pumpkin costume for $5 but it ended up being too big for her.

There are so many cute baby clothes that already incorporate animals, such as baby towels, and I figured if we buy her a costume we should try to get one that will serve as a costume and an outfit she can wear over and over again before she outgrows it.

So below I've found some really cute baby costumes that also double as baby pajamas or rompers, that baby can use for more then just their Halloween costume!
One  B E A R / Two  Z E B R A / Three  T I G E R
Four P A N D A / Five  D E E R / Six  L E O P A R D

We are going to order Mila number six. She loves to roar and make big cat sounds, so I think it will be perfect and I know she will look adorable in it. :)

If you have children or babies what are they dressing up as for Halloween this year? What are you dressing up as if you plan to?

. Monday, October 16, 2017 .

Over the weekend, Thomas, Mila and I, had an awesome adventure! Above is a photo foreshadowing the story to be told and the adventure that happened. Yes those are llamas! The post will be up this week. I really look forward to sharing the escapade!

- Lately we've been working on landscaping our yard, or should I say my husband has, he's been digging holes and getting the flowers and shrubs planted. We got an unbeatable deal on outdoor plants at Lowe's, that was too good to pass, which resulted in 80 new plants! I'm so excited to see the end result. The new plants already absolutely make the curb appeal of our home so much better.

- As far as the interior of our homes goes I plan on getting a a wall painted in our family room this week, painting some frames white and ordering some hanging planters for the plants above our fireplace. I also have a fun DIY I'll be sharing soon.

- Mila is 9 months! We plan on being festive and getting pumpkins to decorate soon.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and I'll be posting new blog posts soon! How was your weekend?